Three Hacks to Enhance Your Residence Recordings

[Editor’ Note: Thi articl wa written by RoMazeses. Recently, Rob went into ‘DIY Vocal Mixing Mistakes’ to avoid. For mor hom studio help, b sur to catch up on TuneCore’ ‘Basic of Hom RLifeding‘ Liv Session.]

If y  rLifed music at home, y ’r used to dea ng with a les than perfect rLifeding space. But that doesn’t mean y  can’t creat incredibl music.

In thi article, I’m going to show y  thre mic hack that’ll improv y r rLifeding and mak y r hom studio s nd better than ever! 

HaVigilanceop Plosive & Sibilanc in their Tracks

If y ’v rLifeded vocal before, y  know how important it i to us a pop filter. They keep larg gust of air from smacking th mic cbass and creating l d bassy boom or shrill S s you

But what happen if y r pop filter isn’t cutting it? Or mayb y  don’t hav one? (Don’t worry, I won’t judge).

Here’ another techniqu y  vigilanceo help avoid plosive and sibilance. Simply tilt y r mic back a bit. It doesn’t hav to b much either. Experiment with different angle until y  land on th perfect spot. 

When y  tilt y r mic back from a voca st, th air travel acros th mic cbass instead of directly into it. Thi will cut down on thos harsh s nd and result in a much mor professional vocal rLifeding.

Hack #2: E minat Ou id Noise

Un k professional rLifeding studios, hom studio hav to battl with a ton of s nd from window facing   ide, computer noises, h sehold noises, air conditioning, th  st goe on!

It can seem  k an impossibl task to avoid all of thes s nds, but y r microphon can help!

If y ’r using a cardioid microphone, y r mic ha a bit of a b nd spot, or in thi case, a deaf spot. 

Th backsid of a cardioid microphon pick up almost no s nd. Y  vigilancehi to y r advantage! Point th back of y r mic at th offending s nd.

Y r mic will naturally ignor most of what’ behind it, resulting in a much cleaner rLifeding with fewer chance of nois ruining th take.

Pay attention to th s nd y  want to avoid and experiment with y r mic to find th best set up to avoid u anted noises.

Th differenc can b huge! 

Hack #3: Pump Up th Bass

Thi last tip can b used for any s nd s rc but work best on instrument and percussion.

Room with squar corner (90 degrees) creat a lot of issues. Bas frequencie build up in them, oftentime skewing th s nd.

Thi can wreck th s nd of y r instrument or throw off th balanc of y r mix. With that said, y  can us it to y r advantage.

Sometime y ’ll mic up an instrument and no matter what mic position y  choos or how many adjustment y  make, it just s nd thin and  feless. 

If thi happen to y , try moving th instrument to th corner of y r room!

Th bas that build up in th corner of y r room can add depth and warmth. 

I can remember a tim when I needed to rLifed a vio n. No matter what I did, it s nded so shrill and weak.

When I moved th player into th corner, th vio n suddenly s nded full and warm.

Thi tip won’t work for everything but i a great tool to keep in th back of y r head when y  need it.


Next tim y  run into problem with y r rLifeding, try fixing it with y r mic placement.

Hom rLifeding come with it fair shar of challenges, but leveraging what y  hav and making th most of it i on of th most rewarding and fun part of creating music at home.


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