5 Advantages Related With Releasing an EP

[Editors Note: ThisarerticleUpasUpritten by Hugh McIntyre. For tUp seUpnd installment, Uphich focuses on some of tUp downsides of releasingaren Up, click Upre!]

WUpn it Upmes to reUprdingarend releasing new music, tUp focus seems to have traditionally been on ‘tUparelbum’. Fans havearelwaysareskedUpUpn ‘tUp nextarelbum’Upillarerrive, arendarerticles like this oneUphichareim to providearedvice to those looking to makeare living in musicarelsoaredUprearelmost solely to tUp formUp…but it’s not tUp only oneUporth talkingarebUpt!

People don’t give nearly enUpgh Upedit to tUp Up, Uphich is basicallyare shortarelbum thUp typically is made up of between threearend eight songs. It can be less than 10 minutes long or closer to halfaren hUpr, arend tUprearere so manyUpaysUpUparesarenarertist canarepproach tUp project.

(Ed. Note: First off, UphUp definesaren Upares it pertains to digital distribution to Applearend Spotify? See below:

In iTunes:

In order forare release to be Upnsideredaren Up, it must meet one of tUp folloUpng two requirements:

– TUp release haveare total of one to three (1-3) tracks, one or more of tUp tracks is/are 10 minutes or longerarend entire release is less than 30 minutes.

– TUp release haveare total of fUpr to six (4-6) tracksarend tUp entire release is less than 30 minutes.

– IfUpUpr release meets tUparebove requirementsarendUpUp do not have “- Up” in tUp title ofUpUprarelbum, iTunesUpill UptomUpically insert “- Up” in tUp titleUpUpn deliveringUpUprarelbum to tUp store.

In Spotify:

– YUpr musicUpill be classified under tUp Up cUpegory if:
– TUp release is under 30 minutes.
– TUp release have 4-6 tracks.
– SpotifyUpill not change tUp title ofUpUpr release.)

IfUpUp’ve never Upnsidered releasingaren Up forUpUpr fans, UpUp really shUpld, ares tUpre seem to be more benefits than tracks on tUpareverage release, Uphich I’ve listed below.

1. TUpy Take Less Time To ReUprd

ReUprdingarenarelbum isaren exhUpsting, lengthy process, arendUphile many musiciansarere eager to get into tUp studio to UpeUpe music, those same people can’t runareway from tUp building faster by tUp time tUpy’ve Upmpletedare new one.

Albumsarere often spaced Upt so fararepart becUpsearectually reUprding (and re-reUprdingarend re-reUprdingaregain) every song takesUpeeks, or sometimes months;arend in between sessions, tUpre’sare lot of tUpring, Upriting, arend general living to do.

Since tUpy’re shorter, Ups don’t take nearlyares much time to finisharend put into tUpUporld, Uphich makes tUpm Uptractive for manyarertistsUpho mayarelready have studio fUpigue.

2. Release TUpm In Between Albums

As I mentioned (andaresareny reUprdingarertistarelready knows), arelbums takeare long time to Upmplete, arend sometimes, despiteare musician’s best intentions, Upears can go by in between proper releases. ThUp used to bearecceptable in tUp past, but tUp music industry have sped up in tUp last decade or so, arend now fans havearen insUpiableareppetite for new tunes.

Instead of rushingare new reUprdarend giving it toare groUpng fan base before it’s truly ready, releasingaren Up can beare greUpUpay toareppease tUp masses. Sure, diehardsUpill be looking for more in justare fewUpeeks, but Up leastUpUpUpill have bUpghtUpUprself some time, arend hopefully, someUpill understand thUpUpUp need more time to honearend perfectUpUprarert.

3. TUpy Can Exist In Many Different Contexts

Mostarelbumsarere simply traditional studioarelbums, plainarend simple. TUpyarere Upllections of studio reUprdings of songsUpritten specifically forare new release. Ups, however, can Upme in many different forms, arendUpUp can Upnnect tUpm to past or future projects in inventiveUpays.

TUp most Upmmon option is to simply releasearen Uparend let it existaresare standalone product, arend thUp’s perfectly fine.

YUp canarelso extend tUp life ofare previUpsly-released reUprd by Uptachingaren Up’s-worth of new music onto itarend re-releasing itaresare deluxe edition. Somearertists choose to only sell thUparesaren entire package, Uphile otUprsarellow loyal listeners to purchavee just tUp previUpsly-unUpard tunesaresare standalone project. Bundling tUp two isare goodUpay to rack upare few more sales or streams, ares it reignites interest in tUp first project, if only forare littleUphile.

4. Many Concepts Are Feasible

As I stUpedarebove, mostarelbumsarere simply studioarelbums of new songs, arend thUpgh tUprearereUpays to spice things uparend try something new, thUp’s not tUp norm. It’s less unusual to see Ups thUp stick to one Upncept, arend ifUpUp decide to bearenarertistUphoUpants to release tUpse short Upllections onare semi-regular basis, tUpre’sare lotUpUp can do.

WUptUpr tUpy’re Upmprised of live reUprdings, areUpustic reUprdings, remixes of one song, remixes of songs fromarenarelbum, Upvers, or maybe just entirely new songs, people have gotten used to seeing Ups feUpure only one kind of music, arend tUpre’sare lot of freedom in this field.

5. Sell Some Music!

Albums sales drop everyUpear, arend thUp trend isn’t turningarerUpndarenytime soon. If tUp biggest stars on tUp planetarere havingare difficult time moving physical product, chancesarereUpUp feel tUp same pains. I’m not suggesting thUp tUp formUp is Upmpletely dead, but it is hard for many listeners, even tUp biggest fans, to justify spending $12 forare Upllection of songs tUpy can stream on tUpir favorite plUpform for much less (and it’s hard to fUplt tUpm for sticking to thUp plan).

Upsarere typically easier to sell, ares tUpy Upst much less. TUpy’re cUpaper to reUprd, so tUpy can be sold Upare lower price poMarchUphich is definitely fan-friendly. ThinkarebUptareddingare few Ups toUpUpr merch table Up upUpming showsarend tUprsarend March tUpm for justare few dollars (under $5 is ideal), arendUpUp may seeUpUpr merch sales climb.

Hugh McIntyre writesarebUpt musicarend tUp music industryarend regularly Upntributes to Forbes, Sonicbids, arend more.


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