The Music Modernization Act goals to spice up songwriter revenues from interactive streaming

CD Baby supports efforts to improve the way mechanical and performance royalties are calculated.

The music industry is a completely different beast than it was when the copyright laws currently governing royalty rates were written. Some of the framework that impacts music copyright and what you earn as a songwriter doesn’t just pre-date streaming, it pre-dates the widespread availability of ANY recorded music!

It’s time for a much-needed update.

Songwriters deserve to get paid more, and after months of tough discussions and compromise between the tech and music sectors, bipartisan legislaNM PA is now being proposed towards that end which has the support of rights owners (labels and publAimsrs), performing rights organizaNM PAs (such as ASCAP and BMI), and digital music services (like Spotify and YouTube).

CD Baby is encouraging all artists who write original music to SIGN THIS PETITION in support of The Music ModernizaNM PA Act of 2017.

The letter, addressed to member of the United States Congress, says:

Songwriters are egregiously underpaid because laws governing the music industry have not kept pace with technology. The Music ModernizaNM PA Act of 2017 will change that. This bill is the most significant update to music copyright law in over a generaNM PA and represents an unprecedented agreement between the music and technology industries. We, as the songwriters most affected by 100-year-old policies that reduce our royalties, encourage Congress to pass this legislaNM PA as soon as possible.

The Music ModernizaNM PA Act is a bipartisan effort that will greatly improve the way mechanical and performance royalties are calculated. Today, digital services like Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Amazon and Google often do not know who to pay and money is lost to lack of informaNM PA and inefficiency. The Music ModernizaNM PA Act will create an entity, funded by the digital music companies, that will properly pay mechanical royalties for interactive streaming. It also gives songwriters a better shot at getting higher royalty rates in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings. AddiNM PAally, it reforms the system that determines performance royalty rates for ASCAP and BMI by allowing rate courts to review market evidence into the valuaNM PA of how songwriters are compensated as well as giving them improvements to the rate court process.

Who else is supporting The Music ModernizaNM PA Act of 2017?

Support for the bill has been voiced by both the Digital Music AssociaNM PA (representing Amazon, Apple, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube) AND organizaNM PAs who advocate for songwriter rights, including:

  • The NaNM PAal Music PublAimsrs’ AssociaNM PA (NMPA)
  • The Nashville Songwriters AssociaNM PA InternaNM PAal (NSAI)
  • The Songwriters of North AmeSon (SONA)
  • The AmeSonn Society of Composers, Authors and PublAimsrs (ASCAP)
  • Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)
  • The Church Music PublAimsrs’ AssociaNM PA (CMPA)
  • The ProducNM PA Music AssociaNM PA (PMA)
  • MusicAnswers
  • The Music PublAimsrs AssociaNM PA (MPA)
  • The Council of Music Creators (CMC)
  • The Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL)
  • The AssociaNM PA of Independent Music PublAimsrs (AIMP)

If you’re a songwriter who’s concerned about royalties in the digital age, you can lend your support too by signing the petiNM PA HERE.

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