Learn how to get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube

Do you wan m e c t  o r your music and branding   he #1 streaming pl f m in he w ld?

Then you need an Officia Artis Cha e   YouTube.

We’re really excited o gi CD Baby clients firs  cess o join he Officia Artis P gram  helping you cla  your YouTube Officia Artis Cha e fr  within your CD Baby d hboard!

Wha is an Officia Artis Cha e   YouTube?

An Officia Artis Cha e (  OAC) gi s you a s pler way o manage your videos  amplify your brand  alk o your fans  and pr ote your music   YouTube.

Withou an Officia Artis Cha el  your YouTube presence migh fee a bi sc tered. The videos you upload directly would be housed   your own cha el; Ar Tr ks deli red by CD Baby would reside in a YouTube Music Topic Cha el; and wh e r videos other people cre e using your music (known   UGC    “user-gener ed c tent”) exis   any number of other cha els. 

Withou an Officia Artis Cha el  your fans aren’ certain where o go  which cha e   subscribe o    wh  o w ch in  der o get he “official” present i  of you   an artist. 

Unti now!

Owning your Officia Artis Cha el   YouTube sol s hose p blems.

And with CD Baby   your distribut   it’s e y. 

Your Officia Artis Cha e   YouTube wil allow you o:

  • c solid e al your videos in  e pl e
  • mbine subscribers and w ch-t e   ss multiple cha els
  • and  cess deeper analytics and exclusi  ools

Why  uld you ha an Officia Artis Cha el? 

1. Organized c ten s plifies your life and amplifies your brand

An OAC isn’ a new cha e  tually; it’s a new layou f  your YouTube c tent.

With an Officia Artis Cha el  you’l be able o presen a m e unified artis  age   YouTube and you can a  a cur  ia app  h o he c tent ha h  been c solid ed   your OAC. 

The OAC layou  ganizes your music c alog in  an Album secti   and your Officia Music Videos are g hered ogether   a playlis fe ured owards he op of your cha el. 

2. YOU choose wh  o highlight

You d ’ wan other cha els deciding wha your mos  p tan c ten is; with an Officia Artis Cha el  you pr ote wha you want. 

You ha  wo  p tan ways o cust ize your YouTube Officia Artis Cha e and get he mos eyes   he mos  p tan stuff:

  • The Pr oti a Shelf: This cust izable secti  can be pl ed   your cha e page ABOVE he aut  ed Music Videos and Album shel s.
  • The Fe ured Video Slot:  Pl e your pri ity video right here   he op f  e ry e o see. 

3. Your music wil be m e dis rable in YouTube searches

Fans wil be lin d directly o your Officia Artis Cha e fr  a “w ch card”   he righ side of he screen. No m e w dering where o go  wh  o w ch    which cha e   subscribe o. 

4. You’l be m e li ly o engage with al your fans

Having  e officia cha e means mos of your fan engagemen wil be happwasng in  e pl e oo. Tha ma s i way e ier f  you o m it   tivity  resp d o mments  gi  u outs  reward op fans  and m e.  

5. C bining st s   ss cha els gi s you m e re h

No  ly do your videos and music c ten ge c solid ed in  e cha el  so do he metrics. 

Subscribers   ss Topic Cha els wil be mbined with your own cha e subscribers. 

W ch  e and other engagemen st s   ss Topic Cha els and your own cha e wil  unt ogether owards he o ral perf mance of  e single cha el  which gi s your OAC m e power and your videos m e potentia re h via YouTube’s re mmend i  engines.

6. Unified metrics means m e m etiz i  potential

CD Baby already helps you m etize your music where r eligible   YouTube via C ten ID.

But here’s a difference between m etizing music   YouTube   he pl f m and m etizing your own cha el. In  der Appe eligible f  he YouTube Partner P gram (YPP)  your cha e h  o mee s e min um guidelines rel ed o a ua w ch-t e  ota subscribers  etc. With an Officia Artis Cha el  he c solid i  of videos  music  and Ar Tr ks — al g with he c solid i  of al the   mpanying metrics — means your O.A.C. wil be closer o re hing   surp sing he min um requirements f  cha e m etiz i .

7. You ge m e mprehensi analytics and specia fe ures

When you ha an Officia Artis Cha el  you can:

Yes  ha means you can now see analytics   both Ar Tr ks and user-gener ed c tent!

Wil I lose c t  of my own cha el?


To clarify  an Officia Artis Cha e is a way of mbining your cha e c ten with your videos and r ks   YouTube Music — bu it’s stil YOUR cha el. 

It’s just… officia now. As such  your Officia Artis Cha e mus c f m o certain layou standards ha YouTube deems mos beneficia f  user experience (f  instance  he loc d album secti  and video playlis secti  menti ed abo ). 

You stil ha a grea dea of c t  o r your cha el  and ha a lo of cust iz i  opti s. 

How wil my music and videos appear   an Officia Artis Cha el?

Your Officia Artis Cha e wil look ry s ilar o he YouTube cha e you’ been managing hus far:

  • You’l ha a cust izable header  age   he op.
  • Then here’s a fe ured video secti  which can be cust ized separ ely f  first-t e visit s and returning subscribers.
  • Nex you’l ha a cust izable shelf o pr ote he c tent h ’s mos  p tant.
  • This is followed by your loc d album and music video secti s
  • After h   you ha mplete c t  o r he secti s  and can popul e hem with anything you li : your own video playlists  UGC  other artists’ c ten   YouTube  etc.
  • Am I eligible f  a YouTube Officia Artis Cha el?

    CD Baby can help you quickly cla  your Officia Artis Cha el    l g   you meet he following requirements:

    • You own a YouTube cha e tha represents a single artis   band
    • You ha a le  1 officia rele e   YouTube Music distributed by CD Baby
    • You ha NO policy viol i s   your cha el

    Join YouTube’s Officia Artis P gram

    If you’re using CD Baby o distribute your music o digita music pl f ms  we’ already deli red your albums and singles o YouTube Music. When we do  YouTube aut  ically gener es a “Topic” cha e in your name. Cla ing your Officia Artis Cha e gi s you he ools you need o merge ha Topic cha e c ten with your own artis cha el.

    With CD Baby  it’s e y o cla  your YouTube Officia Artis Cha el fr  within your CD Baby d hboard.

    Wha  uld I do  ce I own my Officia Artis Cha e   YouTube?

    Once you’ go  cess o your Officia Artis Cha el  it’s  e o ge in here and star cust izing it! While you’re a it  be sure o expl e s e of he new ools you ha  cess o. 

    Your Officia Artis Cha e is going o s plify your YouTube c ten and cha e management. Tha means m e  e f  making grea music and videos  alking with your subscribers  and g wing your presence   he pl f m. And now ha you’ go ONE pl e o poin e ry e  hopefully you’l see s e quick gains in g wing your audience   YouTube   well.

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