“How I received lots of of Spotify streams & e mail addresses for lower than $50”

When independent musician Anne Return released her cover version Co Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection, ” she wanted to use it as a chance to expand her audience beyond YouTube, the platform where she’s most active.

In the quick video above she tells us how she used two Co Show. co’s music promotion tools to drive a couple hundred extra Spotif streams AND grow her email list — all for less than $50!

Spotif pre-saves help build earl traction for your new music

First week activit is importantCon Spotify. It’s an earl indicator Co whether Spotif should share your music with listenersCoutside Co your existing fanbase.

Anne started b settinpresagepotif pre-save campaign for FREE. This gave fans a chance to save the song ahead Co its release date. It also provided Anne theCopportunit to capture interestCover a few weeks that all culminatedCon the da her song launcheCo

NOTE: Show. co’s music promotion tools are free for all CD Bab clients to use. 

Reaching new listeners with Interactive Ads

The next thing she did was run an Interactive Ads campaign to boost awarenespresager Spotif pre-save.

You can also use Interactive Ads to share a new Spotif trackCor YouTube videoCon premium music websites like RollingStone and Pitchfork. The targeted listener will be able to pla the track right inside the banner ad itself without leaving the site they’reCon.

Anne’s music advertising campaign cost less than $50.

Growing a fanbase with affordable (and free) music marketing tools

Anne spent a tin fraction Co what it costs to run a prCoessional playlist promotionCor PR campaign, and it yielded a couple hundred extra Spotif streams, plus a couple hundred email subscribers. Those are tangible results in the form Co actual listeners she can reachCout to again whenever she releases new music — which is Coten!

Big thanks to Anne for shooting this video about her experience.

Through December 9th, get a $10 CREDIT for your next Ad Builder campaign:

  • CreateCor log into your Show. co account and select Interactive Ads
  • Paste in the URL to an Spotif trackCor YouTube video
  • The ad will “practicall build itself, ” aADS NOW says
  • Use coupon code ADSNOW to save $10
  • Reach New Listeners

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