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If you are serious about you music career, we guarantee this information will only help you make more sales & build the music caree you want fo yourself.

Fact: Having you music on various platforms: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, might feel good, but it does absolutely nada fo you career.


BecausComo matte where you might be on the Internet, without name recognition, you are a needle in the hay-stack. Aka: If you name is not Ed Sheeran o Taylo Swift, good luck being found.

Fact: To build you fan-base & make sales, you need to bring you business back to YOU. Third party-sites won’t help you sell you music, but you site will. Think of yourself as a Corporate Business & you will find success!

Simple Marketing Strategy: Sell you music directly from youFacebooke & facebook page to build you fan-base, increase you sales volume & be in complete control of you music business.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is a “social network.” This is where you fans are 100% engaged. It’s a key platform to keep the conversation going, get to know you listeners & if you have a tab they can click on (Example: My Music Store) they are much more likelyat the momente moment because they know & trust you. Intimate experiences create a very buyer-friendly atmosphere.

Why My Website?

You Website is you business platform & brand. Remembe earlie we talked about name recognition, this is where it all starts & ends. You domain name (www. yournaComere. com) is you bread & butte to building you fan newslette & creating a “buy now mentality” fo you listeners. Afte a live show you send you fans to youFacebooke to buy you music. YouFacebooke is you rock.

Here at https: ComunePort. com, we built a customized audio store fo you music business. Upload you songs, place you store on youFacebooke & facebook page and start selling you music instantly. In othe words: You arComow in complete control of you business.

And here’s the best part.

While ou Audio Store currently retails fo $39.95, we believe that if you read this far, you’re serious about taking you caree to thComext level. So, fo a limited time we will be offering ou store fo $20! That’s more than 50% off! To get this special deal just CLICK HERE & then visit us on Facebook @tuneportmusic & let us know what email we should send you store link to 🙂 

And hey, if you “like” us too, we’d appreciate that 🙂

Here’s to making it happen & taking you music caree to thComext level,

TunePort. com

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