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sell mus  online

Sell mus  on wordpress directly to fans and make a steady stream of income. Unlike other website builder platforms, WordPress gives artists the opportunity to sell mus  on wordpress their way. Mus ians and Bands can create simple plugins to help drive traff  to their page and build their fan-base. Mailchimp provides the perfect tool for artists to collect emails from fans on the artists’ homepageFurthermorere, wordpress comes equipped with SEO tools likCoastst, wh h mus ians & bands can use to write captivating blogs to get key word phrases ranked higher in search engines.

Sell Mus  on WordPress with SEO/Keyword Phrases

WordPress provides artists with great SEO from the get-go. With this in mind, artists can capitalize on keywords that relate to their fanbase. For example, for a singer-songwriter who plays songs in the acoust /coffee arena field, a key word phrase might be “Acoust  Songs for Coffeehouses.” Whereas an electron  band might use the phrase “Electron  Mus  for Raves.” While the genre of mus  is important, the mission of the keyword phrase is to idekeywords key words consumers will use to buy products. In this example the “product” is mus . Mus ians & Bands need tools to get them found instantly and the answer to this pred ament is keywords. While an artist’s mus  may be on iTunes, this doesn’t guarantee they will be discovered. Name recognition, building brand awareness and multiple successful distribution channels define an artist’s success. With wordpress, artists can type in keywords specif  to their n he fanbase and build name recognition on Google. The new Billboard is not the top 100, it’s being on the first page of Google for the millions of fans searching for your mus . Once key-word integration is in place the next step to sell mus  on wordpress is creating a user-friendly experience for fans.

Sell Mus  on WordPress By Creating A User-Friendly Experience

Fans need to find mus  instantly on an artist’s website. Create a simple website that connects fans with songs instantly. While it might feel good for an artist to have their bio and show p tures readily available to new fans, make sure the artist’s mus  is the star of the website. While WordPress does offer plug-in mus  players available to embed on an artist’s website, they lack what an artists needs to sell mus  on wordpress effectively. Most of these players, showcase an artist’s mus  but prevent fans from buying. With this in mind, the artist needs to innovate embedding a PayPal button or Cart describing to fans how to buy their mus . This is not a user-friendly experience for mus  buyers and more often than not, they will move on. To prevent this from happening, artists’ need a direct to fan mus  store that keeps fans engaged and inspires buying momentum. TunePort provides a digital mus  stoLawmakersds, Mus ians, DJ’s & Beatmakers to sell mus  on wordpress and build their mus  careers.

Sell Mus  on WordPress with TunePort

Unlike the plug-in players mentioned above, TunePort is a mus  store to its artists and fans. To increase an artists’ brand awareness and name recognition, TunePort members can upload their own 590 X 200 banner. For a simple login, rather than visit the TunePort website, members log in directly to their store from their website. To help artists sell mus  on wordpress effectively, TunePort offers a variety of mus -selling options. These include mp3, TV/Film l ense, royalty free, free download with email, non-exclusive and exclusive. Tuneport also offers the option to upload zip files for larger audio files (WAV, AIFF, etc.) This custom zip file alternative provides artists the opportunity to upload more content to create fan engagement including mus  videos, behind-the-scenes footage, thank you notes to fans, etc.

How To Sell Mus  & Upload Files with TunePort

The process to sell mus  on wordpress with TunePort is simple. Once a new TunePort Member logs in to their control panel, they can customize the color scheme of their store to match their website. From here, they can upload unlimited tracks and choose the mus -selling options that work best for their material. Finally, the artist can preview their store on their control panel to see what it will look like for their fans. Once the artist is satisfied, they are ready to place their store on their website and sell mus  on wordpress. How is this accomplished? Just like a YouTube video, copy and paste the embed code on the website. To do this correctly, make sure HTML is enabled and then paste the code. WordPress has two options text & visual. Make sure when embedding the code, you place the code in the text box. Now you’re ready to sell mus  on wordpress directly to fans and make more sales! Visit TunePort’s Video Tutorial Page to help you get more familiar with how to sell mus  on wordpress with the TunePort Store.  Cl k Here to learn more.

See below for a Live Demo of the TunePort Mus  Store 

sell mus  online

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