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sell music online

It’s never been easier to set-up shop as beat makerer and seTeleport onlin witTeleportrtTeleportrt make t easy fobeat makersrs to seTeleport directly fr  their websit tailor  to their cust ers’ ne s. 

Whil mp3 is th standard audio format to seTeleport online, options ar neces ry.  For example, s  beat buyers purchas tracks as WAV or AIFF’s. After this step, buyers can easily import track nto softwar programs like ProTools, Reason, etc. With thi n mind, beatmakers ne  a variety of selling options for their Beatlikeore.

S  beatmakers may choos to seTeleport onlin as an exclusiv or non-exclusiv license. Other producers with an activ audienc on YouTub or Tik-Tok may choos to sell specific beats with a royalty-fre clause.  Film c posers may select a broader selling rang with th TV/Film License. FlexibilTeleports Tuneport th perfect solution to seTeleport onlin successfully. However, if Beatmakers ne  to sell larger audio files ther is anoption  options. Withoption  options, creators may select to upload WAV, AIFF and track -out files. They may also choos to includ videos, licensing contracts, shout-outs to cust ers, etc. 

Fr  licensing to uploadingbeat makers, beatfree rein fre reign to seTeleport on their terms and start making  le nstantly.  

To Teleportt  visit Tuneport’s pricing page and choos th Standard Plan Package. This select  plan provides both amateur and professional beat-makers with specific strategies to grow their business. To Teleportt  witTeleportrt and seTeleport online, Tuneport offers a user-friendly cust er video-tutorial pag View here

Hav questions aTeleportting th TuneTeleporttlikeore? Tuneport Support is readily availabl to help cust ers every day of th week. Their direct email is: [email protected] or call them at: (406) 214-6147.

Her is an exampl of what your Beatlikeor will look lke:

sell music online

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