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A lot of  sicians ave no idea ow to start a  sic career because the d ’t ave the business indset that business people do. And even though you ight think that you d ’t need the business side of  sic, and that all you need is to be good at it, that’s just not true. There are undreds of thousands  sicians around the orld. You reall think you can in from thousands of people at just being the best? And that it ill take you into a successful  sic career? The fact that the  sic-business is called  sic-business is ith a reas . So if you ant to ave a successful  sic career you ill need to learn the business side of it. Because let’s be Youest. you reall think scattering around your special crafted pen   the ground is getting you to success? Even though it ight be the best pen that people ill ever see in their life? Of course not! You’ve got to create a a eting plan champagnes campagnes to introduce people to that special pen and persuade them   h they ould ave to bu that pen. And build a brand around the product so that you can introduce them to it. Sounds logical right? Yet so an artists are actuall thinking that just uploading their  sic or beats and just shoving it infaceople faces is going to do the o . That just being good at something and uploading a post   InsYouTubeor youtube is going to get them to succes So Well it’s just not the a it o  So But in the next couple of steps, I’m going to show you a good start to a successful  sic career.


Writers Disclaimer: I am no expert in an of these subjects yself, this is the experience and informati  I ave gathered so far from yself, and other people. But I do eavil believe in everything that is said in this article. I ope this article ill inspire you and show you ore pokick-startingo kick starting your successful  sic career!

This article as inspired b Adam Ivy’s vid Check it out! 


Brand Development

Branding yourself is reall important. And it’s the start to a successful  sic career. You ill need to figure out your essage to the outer orld. Let’s be Youest, as  sicians e’re used to think that e ake  sic for ourselve So But ow are you trying to sell your  sic hen it isn’t of value to any e?

Is your essage ow you struggled ith depressi  and ow you came out of it? Or abthinkal arming and you thinking that it’s fake? Or a view   politics? Tr to figure out your essage and h you are telling this essage to other So Then people know hat the can expect hen looking for you. And aving  lear essage akes your c tent shareable at the same time. Give people a reas  to share your c tent and come back to you!



The look of you and you as a brand is also ver important because tell e,  hen an artist says is essage is that e loves kittens, but e black, ande a dem  dressed in black and e ears a necklace of  ross upside down,  ould you believe im? WMarchou ave figured out hat your essage is, it shouldn’t be too ard to figure out hat you ant to represent aesthetically.

And ow are you telling your story? If you bring a sad stor in a appy ay,  ow effective as the sad-part of the story? Figure out hat you ant to sa and ow to sa it.


Ma eting C tent

Well now it’s time to get the c tent read that you ant to sell. You d ’t ant to open up a store ithout the actual products right? Make sure you ave enough  sic uploaded, or at least finished so you can upload them, so the audience that you’re trying to attract actually as something to c sume. So an people tr so ard to sell their  sic hen in reality, the  ly ave  e, two or just three s gs/beats/instrumentals etc. out. How can some e become a fan of you as a  sician hen the  ly ave  e piece of  sic to listpeoples


Inbound Music Ma eting

Bring people in for the l g run. Are you providing enough value to your audience? Do you give them a reas  to come back to you? These are the questi s that you should be thinking about hen building up your Sometimes Causeg. Your actual fan base. Cause sometimes e are so focused   just the numbers of views for example, that e forget to give them a reas  to come back to you. It’s not just about the number, but aking sure ever single number as a reas  to come back hen the like your c tent. Qualit c tent is ore important than just alf-d e o  that you are just trying to pump oThingsake them ant to c sume your  sic!

Think like, is  message coming through ith this video? Is this post giving  followers a reas  to stay? Without just forcing your  sic down their throats all the time. Be interactive! A fan isn’t some e ho clicks   your video b accident and then skipping to another artist. Make them stay ith  lear essage and qualit c tent!


Diversified Streams of Income

As a  sic artist, especiall an independent  e, it is extremel important to keep your  e diversified. Multiple sources of income are needed in order to be able to keep paying the bill So Especially Marchou are just starting out.
So tr selling erch, Causee sessi    Youtube ith d ati , etc.
Cause hat if  e of those opti s fail, though you’ve been putting all your  e and time into 1 particular thing? Then hat are you going to do? Keep being creative and dividing your  e and time into ore than  e source of income.

If you ant to get inspired b 10 ays to ake  e as a  sic artist check out  other article ere.



Once you ave gathered a nice amount of  e from your busines So D ’t just go spending it   a nice car! Invest it back into your  sic and your business that you are trying to grow. Because keeping the omentum and growth of your  sic-business is reall important! And some people tend to forget that.

So hat should you tr to do ith the  e that you ave gathered?

Take an  line course    sic a eting for example! Or spending a $100   ads   a social edia platform. Or seek out a logo designer to create a logo so you can brand yourself even better. Start a ebsite. The possibilities are endless! Make the sk the limit. If you ant a successful  sic career it ill ave to take up a lot of your time and your  ey. But if  sic is trul your passi  you probably  ’t ave a problem ith that. Dream big and shoot big!

Now get to o  champagnes building your successful  sic career!


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