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How Band Members Can Deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic

While it is true that most industries are greatly affected by the COVID-19 problem, one of the hardest hit is the music industry. Bands earn their keep performing for live audiences in bars and nightspots, working till late hours providing entertainment for their guests to enjoy. With the pandemic, all of these entertainment establishments are closed and understandably so. These places can be filled up, and the growing concern for contagion, especially with social gatherings and crowds, is scary and real. What happens then to the musicians who work there for regular gigs? What happens to the band in COVID-19?

For a band member, money is a significant concern, but not the only one. Music is a carefully chosen path, a career that carries risks. The love for the art and somehow losing the chance to share the talent with an audience is a big issue too. It is difficult to imagine not being able to perform on stage, doing what they are most passionate about. But there are ways to still manage despite these troubling times.

Sharing your passion as a band in COVID-19

With modern technology, there are still ways to collaborate with your band members and make music together. There are so many musicians doing that at this very moment, keeping their music alive no matter what. This may not be the big money-earner, but it can keep the band spirit alive. There are apps like Zoom, which is a web-based video conferencing type of service that allows people to talk, collaborate, and even make music together. It has been utilized primarily by businesses that need to communicate with partners and clients from different parts of the globe. This tool can play a huge role in fulfilling passion together as a band. The great thing about it is you can focus on perfecting your music and move on to greater heights. More than that, band members are never really separated. These people are family and can be quite close-knit. It is essential to keep that bond strong no matter what the situation is.

Band in COVID-19 giving music classes

Whether you are a vocalist or instrumentalist, with time in your hands and eager students waiting to learn, this could be an opportunity for you not only to earn but share your knowledge with others. There can never be a shortage of people yearning to learn how to sing or play a particular instrument. Being a musician can be such an enviable position. People look up to you and wish they could perform like you. It might be the perfect time to discover other talents and share your gift. You may find the ideal protégé out there who can fulfill their lifelong dream through your help. Teaching music is a fulfilling career. Imparting knowledge from years of experience can be of great value for your student and you as well. This is an avenue you can pursue.

Band in COVID-19 monetizing online streaming for music

With today’s technology, you can build money on Spotify or Soundcloud. These are both online audio platforms where you not only are able to showcase your music but do thematic podcasts about music too. While Spotify may require a third-party distributor at the moment for your music to be distributed, there may soon be the “direct upload feature” that artists can take advantage of.

Soundcloud provides artists with the chance to make money through their platform. Qualified music tracks can be monetized immediately. You can create your music video and upload it on free video sharing websites like YouTube and earn too. You and your band members can do your video recordings from home. You pick one piece of music, play your part as you usually would together, do some editing so you all sync in, and come up with your music video.

Once again, this takes teamwork among band members, which keeps your music tighter. After that is done, you start uploading your video and get people to subscribe to you. The more views you get, the better the earnings. It’s just like playing in a bar where the gauge of a good band is the number of people who come to watch. A sizable crowd is definitely better for everyone. You still get to play together and have people watch you online.

Blogging about music as a band in COVID-19

Blogging is the fastest way to get your message across to more people. People who read your blogs learn more about you. When you blog about music, you are sharing your experience and knowledge with your readers. Your content must be exciting, and music certainly is. You encourage people to communicate with you. They can offer their opinions, ask about services you may provide like music lessons, and give you ideas about what they want to know. You can share your expertise with a broader community, aim for a targeted audience, and reach out to them. You will understand what their wants and needs are as well and use your blog as a marketing strategy online through its stimulating content. At the same time, it can be a rewarding experience, sharing your band life and first-hand knowledge of your craft to those who have the same interests you do.

A band in COVID-19 is offered endless possibilities. What is important is that you make use of the time in your hands to be productive. Discover other interests and talents you never knew you had. Involve yourself in activities you haven’t tried. Learn new skills and master them. Be resourceful and creative. Opportunities are there for you to take advantage of, even if today’s situation is unfamiliar. You never need to let go of your music. You use it for your benefit. You work on other things to keep your mind and body active. Think of COVID-19 as an opportunity to enrich yourself and still be grateful for the gift of life.

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