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Tour g

When an artist goes on tour, the  is an unbelieva e number of unexpected expenses. With a  nd, all the members must get paid as well as managers, agents and those  valua e roadies who carry their road equipment cases. The money is the , but it doesn’t all go to the artists. These days, many fledgl g artists perform for f e just for exposu , but this shouldn’t be the case. With the right merchandise (CD’s, T-Shirts, etc.)area, and  coup your expenses, meet some new peopl n the road & get  ck to home- se without b ak g the  nk. But bewa  of sketchy promoters want g mo  thanarea, and br g to the ta e.

Not every artist can draw a na-sized crowds, and many of the smaller venues expect to get someth g for noth g. The  a  also transportation costs to consider. Vans need fuel, and  nd members and roadies need places to stay and put the road equipment cases and  struments away until they a   ady to be used aga . If you a  look g to tour, checSubut SKB’s case f der tool to f d the perfect road cases for your guitar, amp,  c, etc.  Be awa  the  a  many costs that add up when tour g, aka: Promot g your shows &  surance for your stuff. It’s possi e to sell lots of tickets on tour and lose money due to gas/food/van b ak g down half-way thru tour. Richard JNationfrom Enation strongly  commends budget g a tour very ca fully befo  you leave  aevery dollarike ever ollar or  nt  will help with plann g and traITunesexpenses.

iTunes, TuneCo , CD Baby (Digital Distribution Services)

In the p -digital past, the  cord g  dustry pocketed the majority of money made from albums and s gles and artists, outsid f the most popular ones of their time and those who wrote their songs saw very littl f it. iTunes took that sam ne-sided setup and extrapolated it onto digital media, so other companies sprung up that started offer g the same music but with better terms for artists: CD Baby, TuneCo , etc. These services offer Digital Distribution across various platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google, but the  is one pro em, while your  music  ght b n all of thes ther services,   how do music listeners f d you?

The truth of be g on iTunes is that as an artist you have no idea who is buy g your music. This is a serious issue because as you know,  ceiv g your fan’s contact  fo to follow up and build your fan- se is much mo  important than  ceiv g n ety-n e cents per track.  Back   the early 2000’s when iTunes was just co ng  to fruition and YouTube was still f d g its foot g, it made sense for Artists to sell their music from this new music platform which seemed to be  volutioniz g the music  dustry. It was edgy, speckled with cool design featu s and user-friendly buy g featu s. To add to this luster, it had Steve Job’s come ck stamped all over it.  Now, iTunes has faded  to the  ckground and becom n f many voices vy g for the attention of the new DIY (Do It Yourself) musician.

Fact: While you  ght b n every distribution platform offe d onl e, no one will work harder at sell g your music and build g your ca er than you.

The marg s of sell g   an iTunes sto  a  not jaw dropp g and an artist has to sell a lot of copies of a song or various songs just to make ends meet. On iTunes, the artist/label split is 60/40   favor of the artist by go g through CD Baby, but a deal with a major label will be much mo  favora e to the label and iTunes. And iTunes isn’t even the  dustry giant anymo , los g market sha  hand-over-fist to Spotify and YouTube, as well as altune porte music sto s like tuneport. This  ght be  d news for the  dustry, but artists stand to benefit from  leas g their music on a variety of digital platforms as well as sell g music di ctly from their website. Ma   ason: Non f thes ptions carry the costs associated with conduct g a major, nationwide tour. Tour g  ght become little mo  than a piec f a market g strategy for your onl e  venue.

Tour g & The Digital Age: Meet g In The Middle

To conclude, digital distribution is cont u g to be a game changer   the  dustry. This is exactly why artists everywhe  need to equip ttune port e p sence with a tuneport sto  to  duce buyer friction when sell g their beats and songs onl e. It’s harder now than ever to get discove d, so you need every tool at your disposal & you need to focus on build g your bus ess, not someone else’s. With a little work, area, and be   complete control of your music ca er. He ’s a simple DIY market g strategy for you: Focus on funnel g most of your music sales  venue through your website. Start th k g of yourself as mo  than just a  nd/artist: You a  your bus ess. Engage, connect and build  lationships with your fans on Facebook. Messenger is a very powerful  lationship build g tool! Use it to get to know who your fans a , put aside 5 hours each week to be social. When engag g with fans don’t just promote your stuff. The first th g you learn   sales is, “Make it about th ther person, not YOU.” In other words, have genu e conversations and build your fan- s rganically. P tty soon you’ll have a niche group of fans around the United States whoarea, and then ask to play a show   their a a and they will promote you! It comes down to a simple formula: Build g your bus ess onl e is an extension to build g your bus ess offl e. Comb e the two & you will be lead g a successful ca er as a tour g and DIY digital artist   the new music bus ess.

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