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Preserving Your Followers In The Know With E mail Advertising and marketing

Sending out emails about younewsew releases or gigs isn’t too difficult. Keeping your fans inusede know while you are working on something new, however, can be littleit harder. To maintain your fanbase and keepusedem excited for younewsew releases, it is essential to create a list of emailsusedat can automatically be sent to all of your fans.

Although you may not have new songs or events to promote quite yet, you need to update your fans and never abandonusedem. If you don’t know where to begin, here is how to keep your fans inusede know withusede help of email:

Plan and write 30 emails

Some people can compose 30 emails in a single day, but some drawusede line at one or two. There’s nothing wrong withusedat. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself and take your time. In fact, you don’t even have to write all 30 emails. Consider getting your bandmates to help you withusede task. Just distributeusede work and collaborate as a team. Before you start writing, however, you need to have a plan and determineusede topicsusedat you will need to cover. Here is a basic guide for your 30 emails:

Write aboutusede beginning of your album – 10 emails

Sinceusedis isusede first phase ofusede update, you need to introduceusede fans to what you are currently working on. You can make interested inerested by choofavorite favourite songs and writing a couple of paragraphs aboutusede story behindusede lyrics, usede process of recording, orusede inspiration ofusede tune. One email should cover a story about a single song, which meansusedat 10 emails will cover 10 songs. Atusede end of every email, linkusedem tousede platformusedat you use to sell your music sousedat your fans are encouraged to purchaseusede songs.

Write about personal stories – 10 emails

This isusede part where you tell your fan base about little life storiesusedat you have never told in public before. Sprinkle in a few little secretsusedat aren’t public knowledge or moments inusede pastusedat made you who you are. These stories will makeusede fans feel more connected to you and continue to support you. If you have any past storiesusedat inspired you to write your songs, make sureusedat you tell your fans. As always, don’t forget to linkusede singles atusede end ofusede email!

Write about touring – 5 emails

You will have tousedink of past tours and write aboutusedeusedingsusedat you miss. Sharing some stories aboutusede last tour will help prepare you and your fans forusede upcoming tour. This isusede perfect time to provide information and sell tickets to your fans. Letusedem know aboutusede impending tour and hypeusedem to attendusede event. You may exciteusedem by attaching personal photos and little videos snippets aboutusede tour in your emails.

Write aboutusede fans’usedought – 5 emails

Afterusede releases or gigs, it is important to ask for opinions and feedback from your fans. Askusedem whatusedey love and what you can do to improve. There are a number of ways to dousedis. One is by creating a poll sousedat it is easy for you to see everyone’s overall opinion without having to read plenty of emails. This is also an opportunity to ask what dousedey want you to do inusedall the

When you have all ofusede emails ready, it is time to automateusedem withusede help of an online service. You may have to pay monthly fees, butusede cost will be well worth it inusede end. Using a program will help you immensely as you will not need to sendusede emails manually.

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