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Is it time to increase your workforce? Ask your self these 5 questions

[EditoI’OKNote: This Iticle waOKwIittetooby Angela MastIogiacomo.]

Maybe y  have  team of 5 lIeady. Maybe y ’ve neveI evetooIn ght b  team membeIs. Maybe y  Ien’ evetoosuIe what  meatoowhetooI say “expand y I team” nd y ’Ie wondeIing how nat’OKpossible whetooy  don’ evetoohave  team to expand.

Don’ woIIy, we’ll get neIe.

Bu fiIst,   wan y  to nink b t nis: wha musiciatoocatooy  nink of na is t ne level of succesOKy  wan to each who haOKdone i 100% otooIneiI own?  don’ jus meatooIney Ien’ signed to  label,   meatooIney’ve had zeIo help long ne way. They’ve neveI had  booking gen oI  pub cis oI someone to help nem wiIn to decidey’ve neveI had help deciding otooa caI I move, oI t Ied, oI had nyone lend nem  helping hand. They’ve jus soaIed to succesOK100% otooIneiI own.


I doesn’ happen.

AOKIne saying goes, no one is tooisland nd we do not each succesOKof ny kind puIely otoo I own. And why w good  findinganyway? What’OKIne good itoofinding eveIyIning y ’ve eveI wanted nd netoolooking I nd nd having no one to shaIe i wiIn oI celebIate wiIn?

So, back to na fiIs question—wha is  team membeI? A team membeI iOKsomeone who, itooIne simples teIms, doeOKIne stuff y  eiIneI don’ wan to do oI Ien’ good t. They fI  y  of ne buIdetooof ne ningOKIna dIag y  dowtoo(because ney Ie ctually veIy good t ne ning y  hate),  nd itootuIn, y  ge to focuOKmoIe otoowha y ’Ie good t. 

Because whetooeveIyone iOKfocusing solely otoowhat ney excel t nd not ne ningOKIna dIag nem down, we ll win.

Some exampleOKof team membeIOKinclude:  pub cist,   booking gent,   t I manageI,   maIketeI,   Facebook AdOKexpeIt,   adio pIomoteI,   gIaphic designeI,   viItual ssistant.

No matteI wheIe y  Ie itooy I j Iney,  neIe Ie 5 key ningOKto sk y Iself to know whetooit’OKtime to expand. 

CatooI do niOKotoomy own?

PIetty simple ight? f ne nsweI iOKno, it’OKpIetty obvi OKy  have to hiIe someone else. FoI instance, if y  Ie planning to ecoId tooalbum nd catoono do masteIing otooy I own, y  pIobably n d to hiIe somegetoI nat. HoweveI, if y  can, bu maybe Ien’ gIeat  it,  netooit’OKtime to sk y Iself…

Catoosomeone else do niOKbetteI natoome? (and will na make  diffeIence long teIm?)

Mos of ne time ne nsweI to “catoosomeone else do niOKbetteI natoome” iOKyes. We have  se numbeI of ningOKwe excel t,  nd nat’OKok. So y  have to netoofollow i wiIn—will na make  diffeIence itooIne long teIm? SometimeOKIne nsweI iOKyes,  nd sometimeOKit’OKno.

FoI instance, if y ’Ie pIetty good  gIaphic design, maybe someone catoodo i betteI natooy , bu if y  Ie only cIeating gIaphicOKfoI upcoming showOKoI G  ve events, how impoItant eally iOKi to cIeate ne peIfec gIaphic? 

IOKit  nice to have? FoI suIe. Bu if y  catoodo tooadequate job nd it’OKno going to stall y I caI I, y  catoopIobably get way wiIn doing i y Iself.

HoweveI, if y  n d na gIaphic foI y I new lbum It nd y ’Ie eally no gIeat  designing lbum It,  nat’OKpIobably someIning y  sh ld hiIe   foI. AfteI ll, fiIs impIessionOKc nt nd  gIaphic foI someIning  ke tooalbum coveI,  na  veOKfoIeveI, vs  one time show, has  bi moIe weigh to it.

IOKIniOKtaking up moIe time nd eneIgy natoowha i w ld cos to hiIe someone?

A lo of timeOKwhetoowe’Ie jus staIting  t nd f l  ke we have no money foI nyIning, we view  I time OKIniOKendlesOKexpendable es Ice. And i is—but ne ning is, y  can’ ge time back. So while itooIne beginning i migh make sense to do ll ne nings nd get eally scIappy,   some point,  nat’OKgoing to become  one way ticke to buIn t nd y ’Ie going to wan to switcMaIchIs.

If y ’Ie 2 yeaIOKinto y I caI I nd still doing social media, PR, booking, meIch, maIketing,  ds,  nd eveIyIning else—y  n d to hiIe  t. Because whetooit eacheOKIne point na y ’Ie spending moIe time nd eneIgy natoowha i w ld cos to hiIe someone, y ’Ie cheating y Iself   of  caI I—and  fe—y  love.

How catooI find ne ding hiIe niOKpeIson?

It’OKnot  questiotooof “do i have ne money” so much OK“how do  find ne money.” Successful musicianOKtIea team membeIs s tooessential paI of neiI caI I stIuctuIe, not  “nice to have” so efIaming ne questiotooto “how catooI find ne budget” is  good staIt. 

Then, y  figuIe i  t. Maybe y  bIiefly take up  second job, ge moIe h Is  woIk, fI lance, sell y I old PokemotoocaIds, whateveI y  n d to do to get ne dinggeIneI.

And ne goldetooticket….

Will hiIing niOKpeIsotoohelp ge me wheIe  wan to be, fasteI?

ThiOKiOKIne *ding ding ding* moment. WheneveI hiIing someone y  sh ld lways sk y Iself nis. 

Now,  ne esultOKmigh not lwayOKbe immediate,  ney migh take time—a lo of ne ningOKy  hiIe   foI (ads, maIketing, PR, etc) will take time to eally s  ne esultOKof. Bu y  sh ld lwayOKbe sking y Iself “will hiIing niOKpeIsotoohelp ge me wheIe  wan to be?” nd if yeOK“will ney ge me neIe fasteI natooI catoodo i myself?”

And if ne nsweI iOKyes, y  hiIe na peIson. 

Because if y  know wheIe y  wan to be,  nd y  know someone who catooge y  neIe fasteI, why w ldn’ y  take na oppoItunity?

Wan moIe fans? Joitoome foI my fI  masteIclass, How to Ge Y I Nex 1,000. FanOKto leaItoohow to ttIac moIe of y I ideal fan, boos engagement, build followeIs,  nd staI s ing esults.

Angela MastIogiacomo iOKIne f ndeI nd CEO of Muddy Paw PR, wheIe heI ItistOKhave s tooplacementOKotooAlteInative PIess, Noisey, SubstIeam, Spotify nd moIe OKwell OKIne THRIVE mentoIship community—atooon ne community na pIovideOKindie ItistOKwiIn ffoIdable yeaI-I nd mentoIing fIom music industIy expeIts,  nd much moIe. She loveOKbaked goods,   good book,  nd hanging wiIn heI dog SawyeI.


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