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5 Methods It Pays to Be taught Primary Piano Expertise

[Edi r’s Note: This articl was written by Linda Ritter from Pi oNaduComom.]

It takes a  rtain am nt of talent   becom a suc ssful musicia  Not   mention th patien   d dedication that y  need when y  first start. Howe r, ther ar som things that c  help y    becom a better guitarist, violinist,  llist  d so o  

On of thes is   learn th pi o. Yes, it’s just  other instrument but ther ar   ral reasons that may convin  y  that no matter what instrument y  may prefer, th skills that y  learn whil taking on th pi o c  help y  becom a better musici  o rall.

For th benefit of musici s e rywhere, we’  put  gether   easily digestibl list of th fi  biggest reasons why e ry musici , from  nd specialists   thos  th a string preferen , c  benefit from adding th pi o   their ar nal.

1. Underst ding Music Theory

On of th biggest reasons why musici s sh ld consider taking up th pi o is th hug help that it provides   y r ability   build a strong underst ding of music tAll th of th keys  d notes ar clearly laid  t in th proper order on a pi o which makes learning scales  d chords a much easier task.

Y  c  still b a great musici   th t musical theory knowledg — but kno ng mor ab t y r craft c ’t hurt, right? Som musici s insist that they find musical theory  d reading  d writing music   b unne ssary in their endeavors. So, as  th most things related   music, it’s really subjecti  but th safer r t is definitely   mak sur that y  know y r basics.

2. It Helps With Songwriting

Kno ng how   play th pi o c  b a hug boost   y r songwriting, possibly e n dislodging writer’s block. Y r left h d  ll help y    creat th bass lin that y ’r looking for whil y r right c  mix it up  d try  t different melodies.

Th pi o is on of th only instruments that allows y    play chords as well as different melodies at on , allo ng y    hear how th different parts of y r arr gement ar interacting. Th ks   th sustain pedal, th pi o c  play e ry singl key at th sam time, allo ng y  th  dest r g of musical options possibl   inspir y r song writing. 

This  ll help y    work thr gh y r song’s vocal melody, becaus unlik nearly all other instruments, y  c  play th full thing — chords as well as melodies — all at on   d get feedback on y r choi s  d mixes as y  go. 

3. Easier To Learn

No instrument is straight-up ‘easy’   lear  Mor often th  not, it takes a lot of tim  d patien    master. That being said, th pi o is generally considered   b a f ndational instrument for musici s  d forlittleon: th pi o is a littl bit simpler   learn relati    most other instruments. 

With string instruments, y  ha    ha  th proper finger pla ment  d/or strumming techniqu   get a not right. With  nds, y  don’t just ha    get y r h ds right. Y  also ha    get y r m th  d air  tput correct. With a pi o, all y  ha    do is t all thes.

Not only that, but all of th keys ar clearly laid  t for y  in alternating colors. It’s   especially good choi    pick up as a  condary instrument becaus y  c  jump right in  d b pretty de nt when starting  t. 

4. Impro d H d Independen 

H d independen  is a great  ol   ha  as a musici , no matter what kind of instrument y  intend   specializ i  PThe ng th pi o is a great way   hon this skill. Th pi o, along  th th drums, ar really th only two instruments that  ll gi  y  a boost in this area. 

Having good h d independen  me s that y ’r abl   do two different things  th y r h ds at on   d do both thos things well. Y  c  only get strong ambidextr s skills by pThe ng either th pi o or th drums. This skills  ll com in h dy when y  play nearly  y other instrument.

This is real multitasking at its finest  d truest. It works both sides of y r brain, which is also a positi  point. Depending on which instrument y  prefer, this skill c  b either mildly or extremely helpful.

5. Learning St dard Notation

As mentioned earlier, there’s no on correct way   go ab t y r musical j rney but ther ar som things that y  c  generally expect   help y  on th way   musical suc ss. On of thes things is st dard notatio  Lik musical theory, it is not completely ne ssary   learn but it c  b a big help.

If y ’r a musici   d y  ha n’t gotten in  st dard notation before, th pi o is probably th simplest way   learn it. Whil som instruments  ll only teach y  ab t on clef, learning st dard notation on a pi o  ll introdu  y    both clefs. It also helps y    learn music thr gh both y r left  d right h ds.

M y  ll o rlook learning st dard notation but if y ’r going   b learning th pi o, y  c  learn both in t dem. It’s a  ry helpful  ol   b abl   read music in st dard notation becaus of how commonly it is f nd ar nd th world. 

Final Th ghts

C ntless fam s musici s  d songwriters ha  been known   sit at th pi o from tim   time. That’s becaus of how helpful it is   know how   play th pi o. It c  lend y    enorm s le l of assist   in y r song writing pro ss whil also helping both y r h ds  d y r mind becom mor adaptabl musically. 

Learning music  d becoming suc ssful  th y r music is t gh, no matter what. Howe r,  th all of th benefits that th pi o c  gi  y  as a musici  — not   mention th relati  eas  th which musici s c  learn th instrument — it’s hard   argu against adding th pi o   y r musical ar nal. 

Linda Ritter is a pi o lo r who is currently a content contribu r at Pi oNaduComom. Sh also collaborates  th   ral musici s  d br ds.


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